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Hearthstone Blower - Craftsbury/Mansfield/Shelburne (90-57000) | Woodchimney.com
Hearthstone Blower – Craftsbury/Mansfield/Shelburne (90-57000)



Hearthstone Blower – Craftsbury/Mansfield/Shelburne (90-57000)


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This is an OEM Hearthstone Blower that is compatible with several Hearthstone wood stoves.   This blower will ship new in the manufacturers packaging.

Description: A blower is used to circulate air around the stoves hot exterior before pushing it back into the room, increasing the rate in which the room heats up and dispersing the warm air throughout the room more evenly.

Applicable Hearthstone Models: 

  • Hearthstone Craftsbury 8390 Wood Stove
  • Hearthstone Craftsbury 8391 Wood Stove
  • Hearthstone Heritage 8020 Wood Stove
  • Hearthstone Homestead 8570 Wood Stove
  • Hearthstone Mansfield  8010 Wood Stove
  • Hearthstone Mansfield  8011 Wood Stove
  • Hearthstone Mansfield  8012 Wood Stove
  • Hearthstone Shelburne 8370 Wood Stove
  • Hearthstone Shelburne 8371 Wood Stove

OEM Part Number:  90-5700

Important Note: You must have the HearthStone Rear Heat Shield installed for the blower to work properly on this stove (helps push warm air forward). For the Mansfield and Heritage 8020, use item number 90-57200: Mansfield/Heritage 8020 Rear Heat Shield; for the Homestead, use item number 95-68700: Homestead Rear Heat Shield; for the Shelburne, use item number 93-68700: Shelburne Rear Heat Shield.

Quick Tips: You should not have to disconnect the stove to install this blower if the stove was installed with the proper clearances. Installation instructions are included as well.

Please contact us today if your HearthStone replacement part is not listed on our website.

This OEM Hearthstone Blower is in stock ready to ship 

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in


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