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How to Replace Your RSF Fireplace Blower Fan

How to Replace Your RSF Fireplace Blower Fan

Starting in 2020 RSF replaced their entire line of blowers with a single blower, the RSF FO-HB9 Universal Blower Kit. Now whether you have an Opel, Pearl, Topaz, Chameleon, or any other RSF wood burning fireplace you will use this blower. In this post we will explain how to replace your RSF fireplace blower fan.

A quick word on RSF’s new blower. The FO-HB9 is quieter, more powerful, and seemingly more durable than RSF’s previous blowers which included the FR-14.14.15, FR-14.14.14, among others. We at WoodChimney.com highly recommend this blower for your RSF fireplace.

WARNING: Prior to installing the blower, ensure all power to the fireplace is disconnected and that the breaker is shut off.

Getting the Fireplace Blower In Place

We will assume in this post that you are replacing a blower rather in installing from scratch. Also that you have already removed your previous blower.

Depending on your unit it may seem a tight squeeze to get the new blower inside, but don’t worry – follow the steps below and you’ll feel like a pro.

Note: In most cases it will help to remove the bottom mounting plate of the blower before trying to insert it through the opening beneath your fireplace.

Remove Base Plate of RSF Blower - How to Replace Your RSF Fireplace Blower Fan

Hold the blower in both hands with the blower opening facing the fireplace, like in the image below.

How to install rsf blower step 1 - How to Replace Your RSF Fireplace Blower Fan

Then turn the blower so that the rounded end is facing the opening beneath your fireplace and begin to slide the blower in.

How to install rsf blower step 2 - How to Replace Your RSF Fireplace Blower Fan

Next, when you get to the feet turn the blower 90 degrees to the left so you can fit the feet in.

How to install rsf blower step 3

Finally, turn the blower back 90 degrees and slide in the last bit. With this you’ve got it inside the fireplace in the correct orientation.

How to install rsf blower step 4

Now that it’s inside the fireplace you can re-attach the bottom mounting plate as shown in the diagram a few images up.

Finally push the blower to the back of the fireplace and center the mounting plate between the two brackets and face the air outlet upwards. See the image below showing blower placement in the Opel, Focus, and Onyx models.

Fireplace Blower Placement

Note: Some models have a floor heat shield that must be removed before removing the old blower, and will need to be replaced one the new blower is installed.

Placing the Heat Sensor

The heat sensor is magnetic, so no screws are needed. Simply affix it to the underside of the combustion area.

RSF Heat Sensor

Placing the Variable Speed Controller

Depending on the layout of your fireplace you may have a spot inside the unit to place the speed controller. Otherwise you can mount it outside the unit with the included wiring.

Connecting Your RSF Blower to Power

3 prong plug installation

Wiring up for the three-prong plug installation is quite straightforward. Follow the diagram below to make connections between the blower, the variable speed switch, the heat sensor and the plug itself.

For this configuration you should already have an outlet installed inside of the area beneath your fireplace.

Wiring your blower for 3 prong plug - How to Replace Your RSF Fireplace Blower Fan

Terminal Block Installation

The wiring is slightly more complex if you are using a terminal block for bringing power into the fireplace. Follow the diagram below making sure to connect all wiring as shown.

Connecting blower to terminal block - How to Replace Your RSF Fireplace Blower Fan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the blower turn on right away when I light a fire?

The temperature inside the fireplace needs to reach around 120 degrees before the heat sensor signals the blower to turn on.

Similarly when the fire is dying out, the blower will keep going until the heat drops below 120 degrees. Unless you turn the fan off with the variable speed control switch.

How can I keep my blower fan from getting noisy?

The main cause of noise in fans is dust/ash buildup on the blades. Ensure to keep your blower in good shape by cleaning it regularly. (We have a post coming shortly on this topic!)

Where can I get the RSF Universal Blower Kit?

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  1. Thanks for these instructions. I found these really helpful for getting the blower installed in my Opel 2.

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