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Ambiance Gasket Cement – Wood Stoves, Inserts & Fireplaces


Description: This superior gasket cemented was specifically formulated as an adhesive for sealing fiberglass gaskets to steel and cast iron wood stove doors.  It is 3 fl. oz

PURPOSE: It’s main function is to be used as a high temperature ( 2000°F) door sealant for gaskets, but it can also be used to seal hairline cracks in stoves and stove pipes.

Woodchimney.com Likes This Product : We like this adhesive over others because it is a black liquid which matches the majority of steel and cast iron wood stoves.

OEM Part Number 110-UBG

Installation Advice: The stove should be completely cool before removing and installing a new gasket. Before installing the new gasket, be sure to remove the old gasket and it’s crucial to remove as much as the debris from the channel as possible. Warm water and steel wool is a successful combination for removing the sticky parts.  Once the debris has been removed, apply a medium size bead of this gasket cement across the entire channel. Start from one corner and work the gasket in all around the channel, being careful not to the stretch the gasket. Once the new gasket is in place, simply close the door to let the gasket cement properly adhere to the gasket- it is recommended to leave it like this for 24 hours before using the stove again.

This gasket cement is in stock and ready to ship.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in


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