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BIS 1 & BIS 2 – Replacement Fireplace Blower (UZY/T8-RF235)


This is an aftermarket blower motor replacement for the Security Bis 1 & Bis 2 wood fireplaces.  These blowers are new and will ship in their original packaging. It is worth noting that BIS fireplaces has changed names several times over the years. BIS parts have also been referred to as Security, Lennox , IHP and Astria Fireplaces.

Description: The blower helps circulate the warm air created by the fireplace around the room in a much more efficient manner, resulting in greater overall heat output. This after-market blower is much less money than the original OEM blower from Security, yet maintains a high performance. These blowers measure 4 3/4″  W x 4 3/4″ L x 1 3/4″ D

Applicable BIS Fireplace Models:

  • BIS 1 wood burning fireplace
  • BIS 2 wood burning fireplace

OEM Part Number: T8-RF235 (replaces UZY)

Important Notes:

Order 2 and Save! 

BIS 1 and BIS 2 OEM replacement parts have been somewhat difficult to access because of the age of the fireplaces . Also, these  aftermarket BIS blowers are retrofit to be installed seamlessly within the existing fan mounts and have a higher CFM (will pump out more air) than the factory originals. Another added bonus is that these fans are much more quiet while in use.

BUT: You should know that the new fans do not come with wires..  You will need to re-use your existing wires (cut the wires off the old fans and solder them onto the terminals on the new fans).  Before you do this be sure to check the arrows on the new fans, there’s a left fan and a right fan and you’ll want to be sure the wires will reach your junction box. There’s also an arrow to indicate the top of the fan and the airflow.

These BIS Uzy Blowers are in stock ready to ship.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in

1 Uzy Blower, 2 Uzy Blowers (savings)


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