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Enviro Fireplaces Power Cord – Most Models (EC-042)

Original price was: $65.00.Current price is: $50.00.

This is an OEM Enviro 115V Power Cord that is compatible with most Enviro pellet stoves, pellet inserts, gas stoves, gas fireplaces, gas inserts, wood stoves and wood inserts.  This genuine replacement power cord will ship ne win its original packaging, it is not an aftermarket copy.

Enviro Part Number: EC-042

Applicable  Enviro Models:

Enviro Wood Appliances

  • Kodiak 1200 wood stove and insert
  • Kodiak 1700 wood stove and insert
  • Cabello 1200 wood stove and insert
  • Cabello 1700 wood stove and insert
  • Boston 1200 wood stove and insert
  • Boston 1700 wood stove and insert
  • Venice 1200 wood insert
  • Venice 1700 wood insert

Enviro Pellet Appliances

  • EF1000 pellet stove
  • EF1600 pellet stove
  • EF2100 pellet stove
  • EF2 pellet stove and pellet insert
  • EF3 pellet stove and pellet insert
  • EF5 pellet stove
  • Empress pellet stove and pellet insert
  • Meridian pellet stove and pellet insert
  • Milan pellet stove and pellet insert
  • Mini pellet stove
  • P3 pellet stove
  • P4 pellet stove
  • M55 pellet stove and pellet insert
  • Windsor pellet stove

Enviro Gas Appliances

  • 828 gas stove
  • Ascot gas stove
  • Bedford gas stove
  • Berkeley gas stove
  • DV36 gas fireplace
  • DV42 gas fireplace
  • DV50 gas fireplace
  • E20 gas insert
  • EG20 gas insert
  • E25 gas insert
  • EG25 gas insert
  • E30 gas insert
  • EG30 gas insert
  • EG31 gas insert
  • EG32 gas insert
  • E33 gas insert
  • EG33 gas insert
  • EX32 gas insert
  • EX35 gas insert
  • E44 gas insert
  • Q1 gas fireplace
  • Q2 gas fireplace
  • Retreat gas fireplace
  • S20 gas stove
  • S30 gas stove
  • S40 gas stove
  • Sienna gas fireplace
  • Sonnet gas fireplace
  • Westley gas stove
  • Westport Cast Iron gas stove
  • Westport Steel gas stove
  • Check the part number, it may work in other Enviro Pellet Stoves and Enviro Inserts.

Vista Flame Gas Appliances

  • VF36 gas fireplace

Vista Flame Pellet Appliances

  • VF100 pellet stove
  • VF100 pellet insert
  • VF5 pellet stove

Vista Flame Wood Appliances

  • VF1000 wood stove
  • VF1200 wood stove
  • VF1600 wood stove
  • VF1600 wood insert
  • VF 1700 wood stove
  • VF 1700 wood insert

Part Description: This power cord provides power to the appliance.

About Enviro:  Sherwood Industries is the manufacturer of Enviro Fireplaces; Vista Flame Fireplaces, Westgate Fireplaces; some Regency Fireplaces, as well as Hudson River Pellet Stoves.

Contact us if the part you are looking for is not listed. We will try our best to source it for you!

This genuine Enviro EC-042 Power Cord is in stock ready to ship 

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in


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