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Hearthstone Wood Stove Gasket Kits – Many Models


These are genuine OEM HearthStone Gasket Kits.  The majority of Hearthstone’s wood stoves are listed here with the appropriate gasket kit for that model.  These gasket kits ship new in original HearthStone packaging (these are not after-market equivalent gasket kits).

HearthStone Part Description: Complete Gasket Kit.  Includes Front Door Gasket, Side Door Gasket (if applicable), Glass Gasket, Glass Clips (to hold in the glass for some models not all), Ash Door Gasket (if applicable) and gasket glue.  It does not include the flue collar gasket. Installation instructions are included with each kit as well.

Applicable Hearthstone Models:

  • Hearthstone II
  • Hearthstone Equinox (8000)
  • Hearthstone Castleton (8030)
  • Hearthstone Tribute (8040)
  • Hearthstone Mansfield (8010/8011/8023)
  • Hearthstone Heritage (8021/8022)
  • Hearthstone Heritage (8023/8024)
  • Hearthstone Bennington (8350)
  • Hearthstone Manchester (8360/8361)
  • Hearthstone Shelburne (8370/8371/8372)
  • Hearthstone Craftsbury (8390/8391)
  • Hearthstone Clydesdale (8491)
  • Hearthstone Homestead (8570)
  • Hearthstone Phoenix (8611/8612) Does not include glass clips
  • Hearthstone Green Mountain 40/60/80
  • Hearthstone Hase Bari (8170)

These gasket kits supersede part numbers previous to the year 2017.  Hearthstone updated the part numbers in 2017.

Purpose: Gaskets are essential to the impressive efficiency and long burn times of modern woodstoves; gasket material stops air leakage and it allows to different types of materials to expand and contract together without breaking.

Installation tips: Clean the old gasket off completely before applying the gasket glue. Warm water and a wire brush work very well to remove the old debris.


These OEM HearthStone replacement gasket kits are in stock ready to ship.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Hearthstone Gasket Kits

Bennington 8350 Gasket Kit, Castleton 8030 Gasket Kit, Clydesdale 8491 Gasket Kit, Craftsbury 8390 & 8391 Gasket Kit, Deva 8220 Gasket Kit, Equinox 8000 Gasket Kit, Green Mountain 40/60/80 & Shelburne 8372, Hase Bari 8170, Hearthstone 2 Gasket Kit, Heritage 8021 & 8022 Gasket Kit, Heritage 8023 & 8024 Gasket Kit, Homestead 8570 Gasket Kit, Manchester 8360 & 8361 Gasket Kit, Mansfield 8010 & 8011 & 8012 Gasket Kit, Phoenix 8611 & 8612 Gasket Kit, Shelburne 8370 & 8371 Gasket Kit, Tribute 8040 Gasket Kit


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