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ICC Ultra Black Double Wall Stove Pipe Lengths (6″ inner diameter)


These are genuine 6″ ICC Ultra Black Double Wall stove pipe lengths, elbows and additional components (read below for more detail) . These parts ship new in their original packaging, they are not an aftermarket equivalent product. Each section of ICC Double Wall Stove Pipe comes with three ‘3’ black screws.

Part Description: Below is a range of 6″ ICC components that consist of lengths, elbows (1 only), stove adapters and more.  See more detailed information on each component below, and be sure to select the correct part (and quantity!) from the drop down menu.

Reference this installation guide for assistance with install and maintenance.

ICC Ultra Black Double Wall Stove Pipe Lengths (6″)

  • XB6UB5F: 5″ Length
  • XB6UB6SF: 6″ Slip Length
  • XB6UB1F: 12″ Length
  • XB6UB1SF: 12″ Slip Length
  • XB6UB18F: 18″ Length
  • XB6UB18SF: 18″ Slip Length
  • XB6UB2F: 24″ Length
  • XB6UB3F: 36″ Length
  • XB6UAF: 40-68″ Adjustable Length

About ICC Ultra Black Smoke Pipe

ICC ULTRA-Black double wall smoke pipe is covered by a true, no questions asked, 100% full replacement, Lifetime  Warranty.  In addition it has an attractive outer appearance, goes together nicely, and can be installed with only 6” clearance to combustible materials (single wall stove pipe requires 18”).

ICC is the most attractive double wall product on the market; no unsightly slots or vents.

The outer casing is constructed of Satin coat steel. Satin coat is attractive and durable when painted. ULTRABlack is painted with Flat Black “Stove Bright” premium quality, high temperature paint to provide a rich appearance that complements your woodstove. The ULTRABlack double wall stove pipe is designed to be used as a connector between a freestanding oil, wood or coal burning stove and a masonry or metal chimney and is available in 6”, 7” & 8” diameters.

A complete ICC Double Wall Ultra Black catalog can be downloaded by clicking here.

Benefits of Double Wall Stove Pipe

Double wall stove pipe has a 3/8” air space between inner and outer pipes that provides superior insulating value to single wall pipe.  Better insulating value keeps flue gas temperatures higher.  This helps your woodstove perform with an enhanced draft hence provides:

  • Less chance for moisture or soot build up within the vent
  • Reduces smoking of the stove at start up
  • Increased heat efficiency

Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns 

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ICC Ultra Black

5" Length, 6" Slip Length, 12" Length, 12" Slip Length, 18" Length, 18" Slip Length, 24" Length, 36" Length, 40-68" Adjustable Length, 30° Elbow, 45° Elbow, 90° Elbow, 5″ Crimp to 6″ Plain Increaser, 6″ Crimp to 7″ Plain Increaser, 6″ Crimp to 8″ Plain Increaser, 7″ Crimp to 6″ Plain Reducer, Stove Pipe Damper, Trim Collar


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