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RSF Central Heat Blower & Kit (FR-14.14.13 | FO-FDHB6-1)


Authentic RSF replacement Central Heat Blower, available separately or as the full kit. The replacement blower or full kit can be used with a variety of RSF wood burning fireplaces. Please consult the list below for your model.

Both the blower alone and the full kit are available from this page, make your choice from the drop-down menu then click the Add to Cart button.

Why replace your central heat blower?

Over time the bearing will eventually wear out in the central heat blower motor and in this case it should be replaced in order to keep your fireplace heating your home efficiently.

Why add a central heat blower kit?

Increase the heating efficiency of your wood burning fireplace with a central heat blower. It saves heat from being lost up the chimney and enables the fireplace to distribute heat throughout your home, even to your basement!

Note: There is an 8″ intake and outtake on the inline blower.

Installation Tips: From the manual “The blower may be installed vertically or horizontally, preferably at least 10 feet away from the fireplace. The horizontal installation can utilize either the supplied mounting bracket or, if you want to install the blower farther away from the ceiling, you can use plumber’s strapping. A vertical installation must use the mounting bracket. ”

Follow these installation instructions.

You can also add an RSF Rheostat if you want.

OEM Part Number:

  • FR-14.14.13 (previously R2220)
  • FO-FDHB6-1

Applicable RSF Models:

  • RSF Energy Opel
  • RSF Opel
  • RSF Opel 2000
  • RSF Opel AP
  • RSF Opel 2
  • RSF Opel 3
  • RSF Delta
  • RSF Delta 2
  • RSF Energy Onyx
  • RSF Onyx
  • RSF Onyx AP

This part may fit other RSF products as well. Please consult your owner’s manual to confirm.

WoodChimney.com stocks and sells other RSF replacement parts.  Please contact us if your part is not listed on our website.

This genuine RSF Central Heat Blower Replacement & Kit is in stock and ready to ship.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 in
Choose Blower

Central Heat Blower Only, Full Central Heat Blower Kit


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