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RSF Delta & Delta 2 Complete Brick Kit (99.11.01.D)


Authentic RSF complete refractory set for the RSF Delta & Delta 2 wood burning fireplaces.

Refractory bricks are an integral part of your fireplaces and need to be replaced if they are damaged or degraded enough so that pieces are missing.  Refractory bricks protect the firebox of your fireplace from warping and damage.  They also keep hold the heat enabling a cleaner burn.

From this page you can purchase either individual bricks or the entire kit.

Genuine RSF Delta wood burning fireplace complete brick kit.  WoodChimney.com stocks genuine RSF Delta wood burning fireplace replacement parts (these are not after-market copies).

RSF Part Number:

  • 99.11.01.D

Part Description:

  • RSF Delta & Delta2 – Brick Replacement Kit.

This Delta brick kit includes the following bricks:

  • 11.1.D – rear right
  • 11.2.D – rear left
  • 11.3.D – right side
  • 11.4.D – left side
  • 11.5.D – bottom right
  • 11.6.D – bottom left
  • 11.7.D – bottom front right
  • 11.8.D – bottom front left
  • 11.9.D – bottom front center

Applicable RSF Fireplace Models:

  • RSF Delta
  • RSF Delta 2

Purpose: The firebricks are designed to protect the fireplace from warping.  They also keep the heat in the fire to ensure a cleaner burn.

Installation tips:  Make sure that you clean all the ashes out of the firebox.  Use a vacuum (a shop vac with a drywall filter is best) to clean all the ashes out.

Other Notes: Do not use a household vacuum and make certain that there are no embers in the ashes before vacuuming.  If you vacuum embers, you will risk having a fire in your vacuum.  Highlighted in yellow in product image.

This genuine RSF Delta Brick Kit is in stock ready to ship.

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 in

99.11.01.D: Entire Brick Kit, 11.1.D: Rear Right, 11.2.D: Rear Left, 11.3.D: Right Side, 11.4.D: Left Side, 11.5.D: Bottom Right, 11.6.D: Bottom Left, 11.7.D: Bottom Front Right, 11.8.D: Bottom Front Left, 11.9.D: Bottom Front Center


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