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How To Replace Your Fireplace Door Gasket

How to replace your fireplace door gasket

One of the most common maintenance tasks for owners of wood burning fireplaces and stoves is replacing the door gasket. It is also one of the more common things we’re asked, how to replace your fireplace door gasket. This post will walk you through all of the necessary steps.

How often do you need to replace your fireplace door gasket?

Replacing your door gasket should be done every few burning seasons, but depending on how heavily your fireplace or stove is used, or if you don’t use a high quality door gasket it may even need to be done every year.

To check whether or not your gasket is in need of replacement start with a visual inspection. Are any threads hanging off? Are there any spots where the material has disintegrated?

If everything seems to look OK it’s time to try the paper test.

Door Gasket Paper Test

Take a sheet of paper and close the door on it as shown in the image below. Then simply pull the paper out, it should take a fair amount of resistance to pull the paper out. Do this all way around the door gasket to make sure there is a decent seal of the gasket against the body of the unit.

How To Replace Your Fireplace Door Gasket - Paper Test

Anywhere the paper is easy to pull out means the gasket is not doing it’s job. After a few seasons the gasket material begins to get compacted and will no longer form a strong seal. This allows air to get in through the door. Tell tale signs of this are black streaks on the glass.

Wherever you found the paper came out easily, that is air leaking into your firebox. Time to replace your gasket.

How to Purchase the Correct Fireplace Door Gasket

The first thing you will need to do is purchase your replacement door gasket. In order to ensure you are getting the correct size you’ll need to know the make and model of your fireplace or stove. Different units will require different sized door gaskets.

Once you’ve found the make and model of your unit, choose your manufacturer from our front page or the Wood Replacement Parts dropdown menu in the main navigation bar at the top of this page.

Navigate to Door Gaskets and find the correct one for your unit. If you know the part number you can just put that in the search bar at the top of the page.

If you don’t see your unit listed on our site, give us a call or submit the Parts Request Form and we’ll get back to you asap to help you find the correct gasket.

How To Replace Your Fireplace Door Gasket

These steps are the same for basically any wood burning fireplace or wood stove.

  1. Ensure your fireplace is cold.  Remove the door(s) and place face down on a surface that will not scratch.
  2. Remove all old gaskets and debris from the gasket channels (a wire brush will be necessary, all of the old silicon must be removed as silicon does not stick to silicon). These doors are made from durable cast iron, you will not damage them by cleaning out the gasket channel.
  3. Apply tape (masking tape, electrical tape, other…) to one end of the gasket rope.  Place that end into the door channel and gently drop the new gasket in until it meets the end.  Where the two ends meet, apply tape and cut the gasket long enough to ensure there is no gap.  In other words, you want the ends to have a slight ‘pressure’ where the ends meet to avoid a gap where air could come into the fireplace.  The tape will burn off – that is ok.  The tape simply helps avoid the gasket from fraying in the future.
  4. Remove the gasket and apply a small amount of high temperature silicone / gasket cement into the channel (the same that came with the kit).  Gently lay the gasket into the channel until the two ends meet.  Ensure there is no gap at the ends.
  5. Repeat with other doors (if necessary). Some units such as the RSF Opel Wood Fireplace have double doors.
How to replace your fireplace door gasket - RSF Opel
RSF Opel Wood Burning Fireplace

Helpful Tip: Do not use too much glue and ensure the two ends meet up to avoid a gap.

Make sure to choose high quality gaskets that you won’t need to replace every season. Check our website for official door gaskets from many of the most common fireplace manufacturers.

Replace the Door and Re-Test

Once you’ve replaced the gasket place the door back onto the stove and keep it closed for a few hours to help keep the gasket in place while the gasket cement sets.

Finally, give the paper test another go, you should have a firm seal all the way around the door.

Lastly, start a nice fire and relax with your favourite beverage and enjoy a job well done!

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  1. Thank you for letting us know about the paper test! My husband and I hadn’t heard of that one before and it helped us out. Keep up the good work!

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