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Renaissance Rumford 1000 Complete Retrofit Brick Kits


Genuine Renaissance Rumford 1000 Retrofit Brick Kits. These are replacement brick kits for Renaissance Rumford 1000 wood fireplaces.  These replacement parts are new in original packaging and are genuine Renaissance Fireplaces replacement parts.

Important note: Please be aware of the difference between both brick kits, as they do not fit all models of Renaissance Fireplaces.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

  • Renaissance 1000 Series A – Running Bond Cement: ER-RETRO1000
  • Renaissance 1000 Series A or B – Yellow Vermiculite: EO-VP1000

Part Description:

These are complete replacement brick kits for the RSF Renaissance 1000 Wood Fireplace.

1. Renaissance Running Bond Cement ER-RETRO1000: Renaissance Retrofit Cement Brick Kit (click here for more detailed description).  This replacement brick kit is the RUNNING BOND GREY look (this is NOT the Vermiculite Yellow brick kit).

The ER-RETRO1000 Running Bond Grey Brick Kit Includes:

  • 1 x ER-RA1130 Cement refractory, right upper (EO-RB1000-11-D08)
  • 2 x ER-RA1131 Cement refractory, lower side (EO-RB1000-11-D04)
  • 6 x ER-RA1132 Brick support (EO-RB1000-11-D20)
  • 7 x ER-RA1133 Cement refractory, middle lower side (EO-RB1000-11-D05)
  • 2 x ER-RA1134 Cement refractory, middle upper side (EO-RB1000-11-D06)
  • 3 x ER-RA1135 Back brick spacer (EO-RB1000-11-D21)
  • 4 x ER-RA1136 Cement refractory, small back (EO-RB1000-11-D01)
  • 1 x ER-RA1137 Cement refractory, back middle (EO-RB1000-11-D02)
  • 1 x ER-RA1138 Cement refractory, upper back (EO-RB1000-11-D03)
  • 1 x ER-RA1139 Cement refractory, left upper (EO-RB1000-11-D07)
  • 2 x ER-RA1128 Insulation, half-back bottom (972028)
  • 2 x ER-RA1127 Insulation, half-front bottom (972027)
  • 1 x ER-RA1140 Insulation central sub-bottom (972097)
  • 2 x ER-RA1141 Insulation side sub-bottom (972096)
  • 1 x ER-RA1142 Cement refractory, top front (EO-RB1000-11-D14)
  • 2 x ER-RA1143 Cement refractory, front side (EO-RB1000-11-D12)
  • 1 x ER-RA1144 Cement refractory, ash step (EO-RB1000-11-D13)
  • 2 x ER-RA1126 Vermiculite panel side bottom (972026)
  • 1 x ER-RA1125 Vermiculite panel center bottom (972025)
  • 6 x ER-RA1132 — 3/8-14 x 1″  Self-tapping screw (901001)
  • 2 x Firescreen spacer (912003)

2. Renaissance Yellow Vermiculite EO-VP1000: Renaissance Retrofit Vermiculite (more yellow) Brick Kit (click here for more detailed description).  This replacement brick kit is the YELLOW HERRINGBONE look (this is NOT the Gray brick kit).

  • 1 x ER-RA1109 Vermiculite throat (972016)
  • 1 x ER-RA1122 Vermiculite refractory, upper left side (972093)
  • 1 x ER-RA1121 Vermiculite refractory, lower left side (972088)
  • 1 x ER-RA1120 Vermiculite refractory, upper back (972094)
  • 1 x ER-RA1119 Vermiculite refractory, middle back (972091)
  • 1 x ER-RA1118 Vermiculite refractory, lower back (972090)
  • 1 x ER-RA1124 Vermiculite refractory, upper right side (972092)
  • 1 x ER-RA1123 Vermiculite refractory, lower right side (972089)
  • 1 x ER-RA1103 Vermiculite refractory, top (972006)
  • 1 x ER-RA1107 Vermiculite refractory, front left (972014)
  • 1 x ER-RA1108 Vermiculite refractory, front right (972015)
  • 2 x ER-RA1128 Insulation, half-back bottom (972028)
  • 2 x ER-RA1127 Insulation, half-front bottom (972027)
  • 1 x ER-RA1102 Vermiculite refractory, ash step (972034)
  • 2 x ER-RA1126 Vermiculite refractory, side bottom (972026)
  • 1 x ER-RA1125 Vermiculite refractory, middle bottom (972025)

These kits kit INCLUDE installation instructions.

Applicable Models: Renaissance Rumford 1000 Series A Only & Renaissance Rumford 1000 Series B (please check the part number with your original installation manual).

Purpose: The firebricks are designed to protect the fireplace from warping.  They also keep the heat in the fire to ensure a cleaner burn.

Please Note:

NO RETURNS: These special order parts can not be returned to us or to the manufacturer.  Please be 100% certain these are the correct parts prior to ordering.  Please Contact Us to confirm.

Shipping Note:

Replacement firebricks are heavy and can be damaged in shipping.  We do our best to package the bricks, but hairline cracks can be present once they arrive.  There is nothing we can do to avoid this unfortunately.  Please note – hairline cracks in firebricks are perfectly safe – only if there are chunks missing will WoodChimney.com replace the brick under shipping warranty.

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 30 in
Brick Style

RETRO1000 Cement Gray, EO-VP1000 Vermiculite Yellow


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