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Napoleon Woodstove Door Gasket Kit – Many Models (W020-0044)



This is an OEM Napoleon Woodstove Door Gasket Kit for many models of Napoleon, Timberwolf and Ambiance wood stoves & inserts. The kit includes the high temperature silicone to seal the gasket to the door.  This part will ship new in the manufacturers packaging. It is worth noting that Napoleon, Wolf Steel, and Continental are all part of the same manufacturing group.

Description:  When the stove door is closed the gasket helps to provide an airtight seal.  If you don’t have an air tight seal, more air will get into the firebox which will increase the rate at which you burn through wood.  A proper seal will increase the efficiency of your stove by a drastic amount. Gaskets should be regularly inspected and replaced if damaged or deteriorating.

Quick Tip: Ensure the door channel is clean of the debris left from the previous gasket. Warm water and steel wool is effective for cleaning the stickier parts. Apply a think bead of gasket glue and gently work in the gasket, being careful not to stretch the gasket too thin.

OEM Part Number:  W020-0044

Applicable Napoleon Models:

  • Ambiance Outlander 15 Wood Stove
  • Ambiance Outlander 19 Wood Stove
  • Ambiance Outlander 19i Wood Insert
  • Napoleon 1100 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1101 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1100C Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1150 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1400 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1400L Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1400P Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1401 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1402 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1450 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon 1900 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NZ25 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NZ26 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NZ26WI Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NC12 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NC16 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NFI-C (Classic) Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NFI-D (Deluxe) Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NZ2000 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon WM1020 Wood Stove
  • Napoleon NM2020 Wood Stove
  • Timberwolf 2100 Wood Stove
  • Timberwolf 2200 Wood Stove
  • Timberwolf TI-2201 Wood Insert
  • Timberwolf TPI35 Pellet Insert
  • Timberwolf TPS35 Pellet Stove

Woodchimney.com Likes This Product: We always prefer to sell OEM parts such as this door gasket. It also helps improve the efficiency of your wood burning appliance.

Check our our blog post on How to Replace Your Fireplace Door Gasket for detailed step-by-step instructions.


This OEM Napoleon Door Gasket Kit is in stock ready to ship 

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in


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